Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not just a table but a piece of ART

i have been hunting and hunting for years to find the right table. you know the perfect something you have drawn up in your head but just can't to find it because it just something you 'created'. well, the "The Brothers of Industry" had the same picture in their head that I did. they travel throughout the west coast finding old, wonderful, reclaimable pieces that are more on the rusty, mechanical, and unique side, then make them into wonderful pieces of functional art.

i had the wonderful time meeting their family when i was at "farm chicks" this past summer. this is where i fell in love with my table. it was truly a true love story. 
i was headed down one of those long isle with a zillion and one things to look at. there, at the end of the isle, she lay in a booth full of raw, reclaimed beauty! but she alone, was the one i desired. i could not keep my eyes off her. i moved closer, all the while, causally chatting. until finally i stood near enough that i could protect 'my table' while i phoned my hubby to see if i should buy her. 
and then she was mine...ours.
the brother of industry are all so down to earth, it was like i had know them my whole life. they were simply wonderful to deal with. check out their blog. it's a wonderful place to visit.

Did you see it? yep my table is in the upper left corner.
aren't these lamp just beautiful?

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  1. Very Cool Blog! ... wouldn't think anything less from such a creative gal!!! Great Banner!!! Love the table!