Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Emmys Preperation for the GBK Production Gift Lounge - Act Two

so here we are just a week away from The GBK Productions Gift Lounge event at Primetime Emmys!
this actually was a two day event but they decided to add a mixer on thursday, so that means another day for people check out The Artisan Group
everything seems to be in order,
press releases have been sent, contacts have been made, products done and shipped and blog updated.
now it's just wait and see!
hopefully some of the celebrities or press will love my pieces as much as i do. 
maybe they will take a picture wearing on of my pieces, share my info with friends and family, or better yet come and visit my little Etsy shop!

since i personally won't be going to the big event i will share with you what the finish product looks like
along with the earthy packaging and display.
i have to say i love, love, love, did i say love, package design along with making the display. 
i can hardly wait for the next big event as i am already planning my display piece!!!

This is the assembly line for the gift boxes for the celebrity swag bags, late night with a glue gun. Not such a good idea!
Packaging and one of the necklaces for the celebrity swag bags

Packaging and one of the wall plaques for the press swag bags

these are a few other designs that went into to press bags

Display Piece
I have to say that I love this display! It took me 4 times to paint it before i thought it was perfect


  1. Absolutely love the pendants and earrings! I especially love the heart pendants with the dragonflies and butterflies.

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