Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting Ready for the GBK Productions Gift Lounge at the Emmys- act one

just thought i would take you through the process of how everything gets done for a big show like the GBK Productions Gift Lounge at the Primetime Emmy Awards

i started out by making over 100 heart clasps and 100 medallions out of earthenware clay, which turned out too chunky, so i had to remake about 60 of them. who would want a over chunky necklace, not i! so each one is hand made by stamps that i have created myself and i made each necklace different. i didn't want everyone to have the same kind, plus i think i would of been to bored to make 100 pieces all the same design! oh, in case i didn't tell you these necklaces will be going into the celebrity swag bags

once the pieces are stamped and dried then it's into the kiln for the first firing, it takes about 18 hours. it's more efficient to have a kiln full of pieces so i tend to make more pieces to fill the kiln if i need to. but in this case i didn't need to since i was loading heart wall plaques for the press swag bags as well.

when the pieces are cooled it's on for a multiple rounds of underglazing and glazing. for the these it takes 3-4 different colors of underglaze and one quick coat of glaze. the day i did this was a beautiful hot day out side. so i decided to take every thing outside and enjoy the sun.

now own for the final firing, this firing usually takes about 24 hours. sometimes it's really hard to wait to see what all the pieces look like, so it's just better if i just leave the house for the last 4-5 hours of the firing because i tend to peak a bit and push the envelope of getting my pieces out of the kiln.

so my necklaces themselves are made out of waxed cording. each one is hand tied with copper finding and wraps, eventually these with tarnish a bit with age. oh, and how can if forget about adding the signature heart clasp on each and everyone! i usually match the heart color up the medallion that is selected for each necklace. once the necklace is made then the medallion is attached and then the piece is finished!!! 

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